Technical Support

The Technical Support side of the company is for home and small business users. Below is a list of the kind of things I get involved in.

I first started doing PC support back in 1992 after leaving BT. Back then it was almost all DOS, there wasn't much in the way of Email, The Internet or even Windows.

Windows is by far the most popular operation system with almost all the PC's I work on running Windows and Microsoft Office, they are a winning combination.

I think it's important to know there are other options.

OpenOffice is Free and does all the kind of things you'd want to do with an Office application. OpenOffice has a word processor called writer that is similar to MS word, it can produce Spread sheets with Calc that is similar to Excel, it has a database called base, it has Presentation application called Impress. They all work in much the same way as MS Office but it doesn't cost hundreds of pounds, it's free, yes free. It can run on Windows or Linux and save the documents you have created in a format that can be opened by MS Office

For those of you who are feeling really brave you can dump Windows completely and use Ubuntu Linux. It's Free, looks and feels much the same as windows, it's almost impossible to get a virus on it. You can do all the normal kinds of things you'd want to do on a PC, like Email, Surf the internet, use an instant Messenger or Listen to Music. Linux also makes a very good file server and can be made to work with all your Windows PC's.