Using DTMF Tones to control, Remote Quizzer, Triggering Lights or Grams.

Remote Quizzer

This device is intended for use on TV or Radio, it is used to work out which caller was first to press a button on their telephone, fingers-on-buzzers style, to answer a question asked live on air by the presenter of the show. The unit listens for any tones coming in from the callers Tone Phone.

Here's an example of how it could be used:
A group of callers are on hold in their homes, ready to take part in the quiz.
The presenter asks a question live on air to all callers simultaneously.
The callers press a button on their telephones to indicate that they know the answer, the quiz box identifies who was first and triggers a gram to indicate which caller it was. This gram can be any sound, eg "Caller 1" or "Caller 2", maybe the callers names "Susan" or "David". Only the gram of the first person to press their button is heard, all the other callers are temporarily blocked. The identified caller is then asked to answer the question, the quiz box resets itself after 3 seconds, ready for the next round of the competition.
This equipment was first used on SMTV:LIVE for their EAT MY GOAL competition and more recently on YOUR SAY for Living TV.

Triggering Lights

A variation of this equipment was successfully used to trigger a panel of lights in the studio on ITV1's THE VAULT. There were 8 callers on hold. The presenter asked a question, the callers who thought they knew the answer would press a button on their telephone keypad. The unit would then switch on the lights on the studio floor, indicating to the studio contestant which of the 8 callers thought they knew the answer. For example, callers 3,4 and 7 would light up.

Using DTMF tones to control grams and lights is quite new but DTMF has been around for years controling computer games and remote control cars. So if any of you producers out there have any new ideas, let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Mick Gotts.

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